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Hudson Torres
Hudson Torres

Timeout 720p Movies Download

Hey, it is because the download-timeout is set lower then the time it takes to connect to the server, add this flag to reflector " --download-timeout " and set it to a higher number, you can use 60seconds (it is what i use) for example

Timeout 720p Movies Download

If the download times out then that server ends up at the bottom of the sorted list, which is where it belongs because the connection is slow. If you want to hide the warning then you can increase the timeout interval with the command-line options but the connection itself will still be slow.

Either increase the timeout, or don't even bother rate-sorting on a connection that maxes out at 3MB. With Pacman's parallel downloads (or powerpill, if anyone else still uses it), the connection will be saturated at that bandwidth.

Thanks for your reply. I was operating under the assumption that the "download timed out" message meant the connection had failed/broken up, but hadn't considered the 5s delay applied to the allotted time to download a file from the servers. But your math checks out and it does explain why only community.db is affected. If pacman has even just a 10s timeout delay, that would explain the difference in behaviour I observed. 350c69d7ab


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