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We Found 2073 Resources For You..

We understand the complexities involved in interpreting military compliance standards like MIL-STD-2073-1. The last thing you want is to go through all the steps of military packing, only to find it is not sufficient or you missed a step. We can help you save time and resources by handling all aspects of military packing and exporting for you.

We found 2073 resources for you..

Contracts or a master-solicitation will identify which of these standards apply. Mil-Std-2073 covers the full sweep of military packaging and preservation. When it is cited in solicitations and contracts a series of codes will be provided which cover each packaging and preservation category: PRESERVATION METHOD, Preservation Material, Cushioning Material, Level of Protection, Cleaning and Drying Procedures, Wrapping Material, Containers, Packing Quantities, and Special Marking or Packing Instructions. The codes can be found in the standard and create a contractual obligation for the contractor. Mil-Std-2073 does invoke Mil-Std-129 for package marking and it also provides an inspection regime and criteria for packaging operations. ASTM D-3951-10 is the commercial specification for packaging performance and specifies physical performance criteria. It is more generic and provides more leeway for the contractor in terms of which materials and methods are employed to package items for shipment and storage. However, ASTM D-3951-10 does also invoke Mil-Std-129 for package marking as well. When these standards are invoked in the contract, they are not optional. Mil-Std-2073 is far costlier and may involve more scrutiny during acceptance than packaging prepared using ASTM D-3951.

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